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Entrada Projectos Vertiges de l'Image

Vertiges de l'Image

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Audio-visual performance 
Vertiges de l'image    Vertiges de l'image    Vertiges de l'image 
Image: Antonio De Sousa Dias
"Vertiges de l'Image" explores the exchanges between image synthesis by Antonio de Sousa Dias and improvised electroacoustic music by Les Phonogénistes (Laurence Bouckaert, Pierre Couprie, Francis Larvor). "Vertiges de l'Image" plays on the interaction between these two domains: sculptures of sound and image involve the listener, welcome listening and seeing to guide the listener in a universe that combines subtlety and complexity. The interaction between the four artists places the composition of image and sound in the centre of the improvisation setup.
"Vertiges de l'image" - Demo Tape
Image: Antonio de Sousa Dias
Music:Les Phonogénistes (Laurence Bouckaert, Pierre Couprie, Francis Larvor)
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