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Accueil Théâtre musical "Ce désert est faux."

"Ce désert est faux."

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Performance conceived and directed by António de Sousa Dias with the works of Constança Capdeville

September 23rd 2012, 17h00, Centro Cultural de Belém, Lisbon
Length: 50 minutes (approx.)
Luís Madureira voice
Carlos Martins saxofone
João Natividade mouvement
António de Sousa Dias direction and percussion
Pedro Wallenstein doublebass
Nuno Vieira de Almeida piano

Grupo de Música Contemporânea de Lisboa
João Paulo Santos conductor

In the year, in which Constança Capdeville should commemorate her 75th anniversary, and in response to the challenge of Miso Music Portugal to conceive an event with works by Capdeville, I found it important to propose a performance, which, without being «in the manner of», would evoke a similar context in every way to that created by Capdeville in her works: integrating them in one performance conceived as a whole, including and coexisting with the pieces and moments, of which it consists. 
Regarding the title, «Ce désert est faux.», employed in one of Capdeville’s works, though taken from a text by Breton and Éluard, it can be interpreted freely or in a literal way: this place, which sometimes they want us to believe to be a desert, is not a desert: this is false since «the shadows, which I dig let the colours appear, as well as many absurd secrets».”
António de Sousa Dias

Di lontan fa specchio il mare (Joly Braga Santos, in Memoriam) (1989)
Amen para uma Ausência (versão contrabaixo Solo) (1986)
Momento I (versão B) (1974)
Border Line (1988)
Valse, Valsa, Vals; Keuschheits Waltz (1987)
Um Quadrado em redor de Simbad (1988)
Vocem meam ("Quem é o Terceiro que caminha sempre ao Teu lado?") (1986)
Excerpto from the motion picture “Rosa de Areia” (1988), Margarida Cordeiro & António Reis 

For further information:
-CCB site here
-MisoMusic site here
-Facebook event here  
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