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Entrada Notícias Vertiges de l'image - DVD

Vertiges de l'image - DVD

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Vertiges de l'image DVD 

Vertiges de l’image (DVD) is part of an ongoing project by Les Phonogénistes with António de Sousa Dias on audiovisual computer experimentation.

Improvised sessions of music and video inspired this set of short movies exploring different possibilities of audio visual interrelationships on the vast territories in between: moving or still images, frontier-surface-volumes, figure or background and framing.

Track index:
1. Saros
2. “ destino dos anjos.”
3. Les chemins furtifs
4. Inex
5. Pile je fonce, face je pile
6. Tout devient rouge à zéro

DVD on sale online at Metamkine and electrocd 

Project design by Les Phonogénistes + António de Sousa Dias

Visual art by António de Sousa Dias

Music by Les Phonogénistes (Laurence BouckaertPierre CouprieFrancis Larvor)

DVD Development: António de Sousa Dias et Pierre Couprie

Photos: Serge Logereau

Facilities: Kintop (Portugal)

With the support of INA-GRM (France)

Vertiges de l'image page here 

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